Thursday, December 24, 2009

Recent Meeting Summary

Asalaamu Alaikum

Our recent meeting was a success! We had several 'new' sisters to our group, and enjoyed meeting each other. There was a mistake made on my part in the renting of the rooms, but we finally got ourselves where it was best we be, in the boardroom and the adjacent room, and then were able to get down to 'business'.

Topics discussed were choice of curriculum, and sticking to it. Since one of our members uses Calvert nearly exclusively, she gave us a beneficial description of the pros and cons. Other sisters mentioned that they create their own curriculum from what they have available.

A website was mentioned that I have found very useful that is on the links on the side, Homeschool Inc. It has a free planner that you can plan out your whole year, by semester, even down to daily assignments. All the sisters seemed excited about that one. Since using it, I am petrified that something should happen to my computer or internet access, I rely on it so heavily!

I expressed a problem I was having and got some excellent answers to it. My oldest homeschooled daughter shows a lack of initiative to the point where she is behind. She is very intelligent and insightful and reads books like other kids eat candy, but to get her to practice her handwriting, writing of any kind at length, and math is like pulling teeth! I have other kids to homeschool so her work often gets untouched, and postponed from day to day. There were two suggestions made that I will avail myself to:

1. Offer her curriculum as much as I can in the form of reading.
2. Get her around other girls her age who homeschool, to motivate her

We agreed to meet monthly and that the time and day was good for everyone. InshaAllah I will post to the group and possibly on the blog here when our next meeting will be, but shoot for approximately a month from now. I would like sisters to be more vocal about what they would like for the kids, and themselves, to do during our meetings. Please reply to this entry, or post to the group!


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  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Just wondering what happened to this blog? Last post was 2009 and now its 2011!